Getting your property protected from flooding

Step-by-Step Guide

Protecting your property from flooding need not be daunting if you follow a few simple steps and chose a specialist flood contractor you can trust.
Once you've had a look at the simple 'step by step' guide below, call Lincs Flood defence to discuss your requirements on 0800 6122 8910, or complete the Enquiry Form and we'll be in touch.

Step 1 -

ALWAYS make sure products are supplied and installed by a certified Flood Professionals contractor. (You can check our certification with the scheme's governing body).
This means all surveyors and installers have been trained to survey and install BSI Kitemark certified mitigation products to exacting Kitemark requirements.

If you utilise our services and adopt all the Kitemark certified products specified in our survey, your property's flood defence installation will be awarded a Flood Professionals Certificate supported by the BSI Kitemark.

If you choose not to adopt all the flood mitigation measures we specify, although your property will not be eligible for a Flood Professionals Certificate you will still benefit from the services of our fully certified installers.

Please be aware not all information sources vet the credentials of the companies they feature. Always check before you engage any company or individual.

By selecting a certified Flood Professionals contractor, you can be certain you're dealing with the best the business has to offer.

Step 2 - Book a survey & select your products

Before any mitigation measures can be installed, a thorough Property Level Survey needs to be undertaken.

The Property Level Survey will identify -

  • Routes of water ingress into your property & recommended Kitemark certified flood protection products. Lincs Flood Defence recommend the Flood Angel range of products for holistic protection.
  • Drainage & water systems (internal & external)
  • Accurate measurements for 'custom made' products
  • Specific customer or planning requirements

The surveyor will also explain what is involved in the installation of all products and how you can best prepare.

Once agreed by the property owner, the survey recommendations are translated into a price quotation*.

Providing you are happy with our recommendations and costs, the installation can be booked.
(* Please note when grant funding is being sought, you may need to provide a copy of the price quotation to your local authority/grant administrator).

Step 3 - Get your products installed

Once the survey & costings have been agreed, your installation can be booked.

The Lincs Flood Defence customer service team will liaise with you to agree a mutually suitable date for the installation.

They will talk you through the installation process and answer any specific questions you may have.

The scale and complexity of the installation will dictate how many days we need to spend at your property.

As a certified Flood Professionals contractor, you can be confident every flood defence product installed by Lincs Flood Defence will be done so to exacting Kitemark requirements.

Once the installation is complete, you will be provided with comprehensive deployment and maintenance training and a Homeowner Guide & Deployment Kit.

Step 4 - Get your property audited

Once the installation has been completed, providing you have had all the products specified installed and the property is therefore eligible for Kitemark certification, it will be fully tested by a team of impartial Quality Auditors before being given final 'sign off'.

This includes 'wet testing' of an aperture nominated by the property owner whereby a temporary holding structure is created & filled with water to simulate flood conditions.

When 'sign off' has been obtained, if appropriate, your property's flood defence installation will be awarded a Flood Professionals Certificate, supported by the BSI Kitemark.